The not-so-great checked vs carry on debate

By Charles Sutton on September 2, 2017

This time, some advice of a lighter sort. How light? Depends how well you pack!

I hear a lot of frequent air travelers say that you should never check bags if you can avoid it, but I think it’s not always clear cut.

I do usually travel with only a carry on. This has a lot of advantages:

  • You don’t need to queue at the ticket counter to drop off bags. If you’ve checked in online, using your phone is easiest but printing your boarding pass is still good, then you can go straight to security and the gate.

  • You don’t need to wait at baggage claim on arrival. This is an especially big win if you are arriving late at night.

  • It’s easier to switch flights at the last minute. You might wonder why you’d want to do this if you’ve planned ahead. You’ll stop wondering when your first flight arrives early and you wish you could jump on an earlier connecting flight. Or when your first flight is delayed but you still have a chance to catch a different connecting flight. I’m still annoyed at the time United Airlines prevented me from doing this by checking my bag at the gate unnecessarily.

All that said, for some trips it can be more convenient to check your bags, even if you could squeeze into a smaller bag. Why?

  • You can bring a bigger bag that holds more. (duh)

  • You don’t need to lug the bag around the airport. This removes stress during a long connection.

  • You can fill up your checked bag with liquids and gels. This is especially useful if you’d like to bring gifts of food and drink back to your friends, family, or perhaps to a select group of academic bloggers who you particularly admire.

  • If you are running a few minutes late to the gate, the plane is more likely to wait for you, because if they don’t, they need to find and remove your bag from the hold.

For direct flights I think it’s clear that carry on wins most of the time, but if you have a connection then it may well depend on your itinerary.

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